Accessible events: A big steps towards the inclusion of persons with disabilities

Thursday 8 December 2022 17:00 18:00

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Accessible events:
A big step towards inclusion of persons with disabilities 

Young persons with disabilities are often excluded from activities; because they are not aware of them, because the venue or the platform on which is held is not accessible, because the activities themselves require things they cannot do due to their disability. Young persons with disabilities are willing to be part of activities events and bring their view in discussion. This is possible if the host takes simple measures and provide a certain service to make its events accessible, such as sign interpretation, speech to text, documentation in easy to read, and most important listen to the accessibility requirements of its participants.

How can you be more inclusive when organising your event? What do you need to do? What are simple steps to take and how can you to attract a diverse public? 

To answer these questions, The European Disability Forum is organising in cooperation with the Youth Outreach Unit from the European Parliament the event “Accessible Events: A big step towards inclusion of persons with disabilities”. During the online workshop, the organisers will present information and tools that can be used to be a more inclusive host, whether in person or online. During case studies in smaller groups, participants will also have the opportunity to put in practice what they heard. 

If you are interested to join, please register and you will receive the Zoom link for the workshop one day before the event via email. 

We are happy to provide you with international sign language interpretation. In case you are in need for it, please drop us a short message, so we can prepare better: